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Stylish apartment in the heart of Panjim
About Ally's Arty Abode
It is a cozy 2-bedroom apartment with lots of charisma. As I love art, I painted the walls and vintage furniture in my favourite colours. There are also plenty of books to read and plenty of air to breathe. You can chill out using a few lounge zones and I hope you will be happy with lots of light. The beds are huge and comfy. This is a great choice for couples, solo adventurers, and business travellers. It is also for people who love travelling but prefer a home feel rather than the hotel atmosphere. I just love it and I will be happy to welcome you in my arty abode.
There are lots of plants and old Portuguese houses around
Located on Altinho hill in the heart of the city
Quiet residential area
All the necessary devices are provided such as the wireless printer, TV, sound system etc
Wi-fi with high speed
Walking distance to the best restaurants and shopping places
Everything you need is here
My place is located in the heart of the city, close to the river bank and cultural activities. Whatever you need is just a few steps away. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around as well as local vegetable market. There are also quite a few shops for clothing, interior decorations and handicrafts near by. The art gallery Sunapanatra and Kala Academy is near by. There is also a gorgeous joggers park just a few minutes ahead. You can reach my place in about half an hour from the airport.
About Panjim
Cozy location in the heart of the capital of Goa
Panjim is a lovely city to explore located around the broad Mandovi River, where cruise boats and floating casinos ply the waters, casting neon reflections in the night.

A glorious whitewashed church lords over the animated city centre, a broad leafy boulevard skirts along the river, and grand colonial buildings rub shoulders with arty boutiques, old-school bookshops, state-of-the-art malls and backstreet bars.

But it's the tangle of narrow streets in the old Latin quarter that really steal the show. Nowhere is the Portuguese influence felt more strongly than here, where the late afternoon sun lights up yellow houses with purple doors, and around each corner you'll find restored ochre-coloured mansions with terracotta-tiled roofs, wrought iron balconies and arched oyster-shell windows.

Panjim is a place for walking, shopping, enjoying the peace of an afternoon siesta, eating well and meeting real Goans. It's also a place to catch a movie, a cultural show or a festival.

A day or two in Panaji really is an essential part of the Goan experience.

30 minutes
from the airport
140 sq m
Arty designed 2-bed room apartment with two balconies
Rs 10 000
Price per a night. Maximum occupancy - 4 people

Flat 8 (2nd floor)
Estrocio (Altinho hill, near Electricity department)
St. Inez, Altinho,
Panjim, Goa
403001, India
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One night in Ally's Arty Abode
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